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Built 4 Success INC.

Providing resourceful support, advocacy & skill building tools to

the community.


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Our Programs

Built 4 Success Youth Mentoring


A youth mentoring program that improves outcomes for Waterbury area middle school and high school students living in under-resourced communities. BUILT 4 SUCCESS INC. leverages the power of mentoring and fitness to help kids develop the skills needed for personal growth and success.

Built 4 Success Youth Fitness Club


A unique program that engages young bodies and minds. It empower kids with the tools to develop a strong self-image and positive attitude as well as improve attention spans while they attain confidence and focus while having fun.

Built 4 Success Silver Senior Fitness Club


A program designed for older adults seeking to improve their cardiovascular health, strength and flexibility. Seniors 65+ are invited to join our 1-hour low impact full body workout that is social, effective, and motivating.

All Walks Wellness & Fitness



If you're just beginning your fitness journey or you're a seasoned fitness participant, we invite people from all walks of life, despite shape or size, to participate in our energetic, welcoming, and challenging group fitness classes.

Kids Rise Up

A therapeutic social emotional development program that uses yoga and mindfulness to teach students to be Resilient, Inspired, Strong, and Empowered.

4 Da Fam Entertainment

4 Da Fam Entertainment brings you Live At The BBQ Podcast & Run It Back Podcast weekly series that highlight family values, recognizes outstanding local residents, business owners & athletes accomplishments & community involvement.

We Are Built 4 Success

We Are

BUILT 4 SUCCESS INC.'s sole mission is to assist the under-served communities of Waterbury, CT with wellness, fitness, nutritional and awareness resources. BUILT 4 SUCCESS INC. concentrates its efforts and resources on students and seniors, our community’s most vulnerable citizens. BUILT 4 SUCCESS INC. actions are directed toward empowering and uplifting under-served community members to develop the skills needed for personal growth and success to become self-sufficient contributors to society.

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