Whether you're a beginner at the gym or you just don't have much fitness knowledge, group fitness classes may be your solution. Joining a class can help build a foundation and structure that you can use to fuel your personal health journey for years to come.
personal trainer works one-on-one with a client to develop and implement a fitness training regimen that helps them lose weight, get stronger, improve physical performance or maintain their health. Trainers introduce clients to individualized exercises that are based upon their personal goals, skill level and needs.
Boxing training combines pad and bag work, skipping and ground work, and these are all aerobic exercises. * The training provides a workout for muscles all over the body. * Boxing workouts can burn between 500 and 750 calories in just one hour. ... * Training tones up and helps define the arms and legs.
We offer the most diverse training on the East Coast.   We offer group training, personal training, boxing cardio classes, Boot Camps and Nutritional training.   

Our Trainers mostly consist of  military veterans who has trained thousands of military members and civilians over their career, has developed a 6 week transformation program that, if followed, can be beneficial.

If you are sick and tired of "being sick and tired" then our Transformation Team strongly suggests to TAKE IMMEDIATE  ACTION and come to one of our next orientation times below.