B.U.I.L.T.  staff has a "passion", "commitment" and "dedication"  to work with our youth and adults on bettering themselves through fitness and health. We hand pick our staff to ensure we provide the best atmosphere for a fun and healthy lifestyle.


- To stay in tune with the difficulties and challenges that our youth face on a daily basis

- Through a curriculum-based program to give them simple fitness & nutritional information to apply by using a fun event

- To show our youth through fun and education,  the things that they can achieve

- To provide a variety of sporting events to allow our staff the opportunity to share with them the importance of consistency


- To construct a curriculum for individuals to help assist adults in making "Life Style" changes

- To understand that adults have less time in the day and to BUILD a plan that helps them achieve their fitness,  nutrition and health goals

- To develop evening and weekend fitness camps that fits adults schedule 

- To assist in achieving realistic fitness goals