We offer a variety of nutrition packages that could suit your needs.

PACKAGE #1 - Nutritional Consultation

Our nutrition instructor will serve as a teacher teaching and reinforcing key messages about healthy eating and inspiring clients to adopt healthy eating habits. Our instructors will teach and advise client basic healthy eating and food budgeting. We will discuss the following:

Food Portions
Speeding Up Your Metabolism
Weight Loss/Weight Gain
Nutritional Facts
Tracking Your Meals
Meal Prep Strategies

  • Create Custom Meal Plans
  • Define Your Nutrition Goals
  • Find Out Your Intake Needs
  • Discover Your Ideal Macros For Your Body Type
  • Generate Automated Grocery Lists That Save Money
  • Spend Less Time Cooking With Meal Prep Summaries 
  • Combine Plans, Lists & Summaries For Two Users
  • Account For Food Already In Your Kitchen & Allergies
  • Adjust For Yield Percentage Of Food
  • Accelerate Fat Loss & Muscle Gain
  • Cut 90% Of Waste In Your Diet
  • Learn To Meal Prep
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PACKAGE #2: Fridge Makeover

I think it goes without saying, that the most important step before even getting into meal prep is cleaning and organizing your pantry and kitchen space. Taking the time to label, stock and tidy up your space will cut down on meal prep time significantly. If there is no organization to your kitchen, or designated areas where you keep pantry items, spices or kitchen equipment; prep can become overwhelming and much harder then it needs to be.

SIT BACK and let us take care of it.  This is what it will include: 

All containers (labeled)

Refrigerator Stocked For You and Organized for a Week