Congratulations on taking the first step to pursuing your health and fitness goals! We at BUILT 4 Success are excited to have you as a prospective member and we want to assure you that you have chosen the right place and that we will do everything in our power to make sure you reach those goals.

We understand that we have obstacles in our lives that makes us feel as if we are under reconstruction. Changes things in our lives to get better means that we are improving every day. We understand that change is scary and it often times makes us feel uncomfortable.  If you are having trouble deciding how and what to do, we want to walk that path beside you and assist you in building a solid foundation!  Most of all we want to welcome you to our FAMILY!


Discounts of Upcoming Events

10% - 20% off Personal Training

Group Training Discounts

VIP invitation to Boot Camps, Fitness Classes, Outdoor Adventure Challenges

25% off Massages

30 Day Starter Kit Booklet

This booklet contains valuable information to include, meal plans, frequently asked questions, work-out plans, calorie tutorial sheet, smoothie recipes, meal combinations ideas and so much more.  If you want to start on the right track this is a "must have" book.

Access to Coaches

Along with the booklet, our coaching staff will be at your exposure to address any questions or concerns. Coaches are always guiding you to new challenges to ensure you don't get stagnant.

Education of What Foods To Eat and Why?

You will have access to printable shopping list/templates

Access to cooking demonstrations

Be able to post your ideas and suggestion to the group via Facebook

Friend Voucher

PLUS: Receive (4) $20.00 Vouchers to give to friends for a discount off the regular price of their first month of session. (Must be a new client)

* Only one Voucher per friend

To Recieve Additional Information