Coach Lester is a 20 year veteran of our Armed Forces.  As an Air Force member he was responsible in ensuring our troops were physically trained and ready for battle.

When Coach Lester retired, although he was trained by the Air Force he still enrolled in the National Personal Training Institute to gain more knowledge on nutrition and new technology after his certification by the National Massage Training Institute.  


Coach Lester is certified and qualified to assist you in your quest to live a healthier life.

Coach Darrell is a military veteran that trained individuals in the military for 17 years.  He has used his military training coupled with his civilian training and comprised plans and curriculum that effective for all. His ability is to motivate individuals to achieve their goals. 

As a counselor Darrell understands the struggles associated with making hard decisions. Darrell has trained athletes on all levels.  He has trained our military to performed their duties at the highest level. He has assisted countless individuals in their battle with weight and staying fit. He is the co-author of the B.U.I.L.T. 4 Success meal strategies.