Q: What will my child learn at your camps?

A: Boot Camp Sports Academy Summer Camps offer unique summer courses in which young people can embark on fun-filled and adventurous journeys. Our focus on learning is for youth to gain an understanding and appreciation of fitness, health and wellness through sports.

Our curriculum is one that focuses on discipline, self-esteem, dedication and commitment to be the best that one can be.

For all of our courses, fun and adventure are only part of the story. Important tangible and intangible skills like teamwork and communication; thankfulness; awareness; patience; common sense; self-confidence; respect for self, each other and nature; and problem solving are woven invisibly into each day.

Our 1:7 staff-student ratio helps assure that our instructors can attend to the individual needs of every camper, and create opportunities for individual mentoring–guiding students through their own interests and help develop greater understanding and appreciation of how they are B.U.I.L.T. for success

Q: How are your camp staff members selected, and what are their qualifications?

A: Our staff are a mix of salaried, seasoned, year-round field instructors with years of experience with youth and adults, as well as seasonal staff who have completed intensive training in our curriculum and our philosophy of education. All our instructors complete rigorous training.

When choosing the staff members to take part in a camp experience for children, we look for people who have a deep respect and love of children, experience in the outdoors, and a deep knowledge of kids behavior pattern and a passion to pass on their wonder and enthusiasm to others.

Training in the philosophy of the camp, team planning and coordination, are done before and after each camp for constant improvement, efficiency and contentment of the staff. Required first aid training and extensive criminal history background checks are done for all employees and volunteers.

Q: Are campers divided into age groups?

A: Yes. Each of our Day Camp sessions has a maximum enrollment around 50-60 kids, ages 6-12. The campers are then divided by age into four groups of up to 11. So for example, if you were to enroll a 6 year-old child, they would probably be in a group with other 6 and 7 year-olds (the exact breakdown of age groups depends on how many children of what age enroll for that camp session). Each group of 11 has one lead instructor and an assistant instructor, so a staff-student ratio of about 1:7. All the campers and staff meet together for a story or other community activity once in a while, but most of the experience is within a smaller same-age group of kids, with instructors who really get to know each camper individually.

Q: Can my child request to be grouped with his/her friends?

A: Yes. At the time of registration (whether you register on-line, or by phone), you can request that your child be grouped with one other child, provided they are enrolling in the same camp session. However, while we will do our best to accommodate these requests, we can not guarantee that this will occur. Note: campers are divided into age groups (see previous question), so only friends of very similar ages are likely to be grouped together.

 Q: What food will campers eat while at Overnight Camps or Expeditions?

A: The meals we offer are designed to be healthy, nutritious, and delicious. . Since tastes and preferences vary, we have a variety of nutritious food available at each meal. For special requirements, please contact us prior to your camp session.

Q: What emergency procedures does Boot Camp Sports Academy have in case of an accident or illness at camp?

A: The staff are trained in first aid procedures and CPR.  We follow an established medical policy and procedure guide that is approved by a licensed physician each year. A full first aid kit is on site to take care of scrapes and bruises and for more serious injuries. First aid packs are carried by staff when out of reach of the main camp area. If further medical assistance is required, we will take the student to the nearest clinic or hospital from the camp and reach the parent for further directions.

Q: How will my child get his or her medications at camp?

A: The camp application requires the submission of a medical record form and emergency medical card to list any special allergies or medicines that any individual camper needs to take (see most of these medical forms). All staff has been trained to insure the timeliness, accuracy and application of medicines supplied by children’s’ physicians. Staff will discreetly dispense medication if prescribed by a physician, and provided by parents in its original container. Prior discussion with the director is required.

 Q: Is scholarship funding available for children whose families are likely to require financial assistance?

A: Yes! What we do is provide families to participate in fundraising that is designed.