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(Some But Not All)

 Our youth will visit Luray Cabins: The separation of the Americas from the continents of Europe and Africa, or the continental drift, occurred about 600 million years ago. A broad shallow depression from Alabama to Newfoundland was formed. Then, for 400 million years, an ancient sea flooded the area that is now the Appalachian Mountains. Layers of water-borne sediments accumulated on the ocean floor, followed by limestone sediments composed of fossilized marine animals and shells. The weight of the sediments eventually compressed the two layers into metamorphic rock.

 Water Slide

 Everyone will be able to visit the water park and cool off after a hard day.  The on property water park is great.  They will ride down Jellystone Park's water slide, which sends  you down 400 feet of twists and turns into a "splashdown" pool!

  We will challenge our you to unravel the mystery of the largest hedge maze in the Mid-Atlantic states - a one acre ornamental garden at Luray Caverns. ​Eight foot tall hedges create a pathway of puzzlement. A misting fog provides cooling and visual effects.  ​On your journey through the maze, you will travel past fountains, through hidden tunnels, and over a lookout tower. ​A-maze-ing fun!


Old Faceful Mining Company is Jellystone Park's very own Mine and Panning Sluice.  The mine is a fabricated shaft that kids enter with hard hats to find rocks, shells, and gemstones.  It's a big treasure hunt in the dark and you keep everything you find.  The panning sluice gives you some idea of what it was like to be a forty-niner panning for gold.  Each panning kit contains 8-10 ounces of assorted gemstones or fossils hidden among the sand. 

Jumping Pillow

These pillow-shaped inflatables measure approximately 30 ft x 50 ft. There is one for small children under the age of 6, and the other for ages 7 and up. It is inflated daily 8:00am until dark, opening weekend through Mid-November.  Use of the jumping pillows is included in your site/cabin fees!

Mini Golf

All ages can enjoy putting their way through our fun and challenging themed 18 hole Mini Golf Course. Mini Golf use is included in your site/cabin rental free of charge!

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